Wine Access 20% Off Black Friday: What to buy?

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Wine Access is offering 20% off for Black Friday.

  • Limited Time Offers are excluded
  • They seem to have an inordinately abundant assortment in conjunction with this
  • Free shipping on $120+
  • Runs 10/26/2020 5:00PM ET – 12/1/2020 3:00am ET
Deals to Stack

20% off and free shipping on its own isn't quite enough to make this a compelling deal. But if you can stack some combination of: could be a good time to shop Wine Access.

Update: Looks like 20% is not stacking with referral unfortunately

What to Buy

All price before discounts, inventory varies by state.

Mentioning this one here because it further solidifies the winery and vineyard associated with the Yesterday Howell Mountain Cab. I've cracked a couple more of the Yesterday Howell Mountain and it's fantastic. I bet this Vaso is cut from the same cloth.

Literally translated, Capiaux means fantastic Napa Cab producer O'Shaughnessy mapped to winemaker Sean Capiaux's take on Pinot Noir. Great wine, and a terrific value at this price point.

I really liked the 2018 bottling of this wine. Fully loaded cost here (after discounts and free shipping) is compelling for the quality.

Long-time readers know what a fan of Sojourn I am. The most reliably outstanding producer in my favorite category no doubt. If you've missed out on some of the exclusive offers I've partnered with them on here's an opportunity to try a bottle to see if you agree.

If I get into a rut buying too much wine from big box retailers and, I find I'm missing out on smaller producers like this. Haven't had this bottling in particular but I know the producer and like the price.

Possibly the best deal on the board. I've had this wine (ordered it from Wine Access when I posted about it earlier) and it's gorgeous. High quality single vineyard Oregon Pinot Noir with a reliably enjoyable flavorful style? Just my kind of wine deal.

Ridge Lytton Springs and Geyserville are so good year in and year out, and such a great value. The 2018s are particularly good. Read more: Visiting Ridge Monte Bello

Remember that Ritz Cuvee offer I posted on a while back? I've been cracking those open when we've had company (outside, socially distanced of course) and it's absolutely delcious. Creamy and elegant. Every adores it. Here there's a connection to the Ritz again. A little pricey but worth considering in the mix for the holidays.

Thanks in advance if you're new to Wine Access and use my referral link:

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...


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