Fresh Off The Truck Review: Wine Access 2018 Yesterday Howell Mountain Cabernet

Friday, November 6, 2020

The 2018 Wine Access Yesterday Howell Mountain Cabernet arrived today, and I wasted no time cracking a bottle open. I initially bought 4 bottles but followed up with a 12 bottle case order since I regretted no buying more of the first Yesterday Napa Cab they offered.

It's a little nerve wracking opening the first bottle when you've ordered a case. It's rare for me to buy more than a few of any single bottle of wine. But in this case I did. And I'm glad I did...

2018 Wine Access Yesterday Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
$35-$40/btl (depending on quantity purchased)
15.2% Alcohol

This wine is *impressive*. Subtle but appealing aromatically. Most notable: The tannins that land with authority. Holy smokes. The density is off the charts. This is a HUGE wine. Monstrous - in a good way. Somehow, despite all this, it invites another sip.

This wine is now sold out but if there's one thing I've learned in the wine game it's this: There's always another deal around the corner.

And here they are...

Another Wine Access exclusive touted as a $650/btl juice they're offering at $30-$35/btl.

Vinous critic Antonio Galloni seconded, “I don’t see any reason why the Cabernets that emerge from this property shouldn’t be among the top five to ten wines in the valley each and every year.”
That vineyard can only be Bryant Family which really does sell for $500+.

If I liked a $300 wine for $35 I should love a $650 wine for $30, right?

Don't like playing chances with "mystery wines"? Here's a sure thing. O'Shaughnessy is an absolutely gorgeous, reliably outstanding Napa Cab and they're offering at a very reasonable $70/btl price (before discounts, compare street pricing here).

Bottle Line

Free shipping on $120+ orders.

Stack it with the current Amex Offer, and thanks in advance for using my referral link for $50 off your first $150+ order:


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