GoBYO Reveals Bring-Your-Own-Bottle-Friendly Restaurants Near You

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I remember a few months back I was kicking around the idea of getting together with some other Boston-area food/wine bloggers and compiling a list of restaurants that allowed you to bring-your-own-bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner. I remember reading somewhere how this would be a bad idea. That to publish a list of restaurants that allow BYOB would be outing law-breaking restaurants and therefore such a list shouldn't be published.

Well, GoBYO hasn't just published such a list, they've created a full-functioning website complete with radius search,Wine-Friendly Ratings, Corkage Fees, and Composite Ratings of restaurants:

They even have an iPhone App and provide an overview of state-by-state BYO legal regulations. Very well done. What a service.

I particularly appreciate the Wine-Friendly Rating as it shows an awareness of recognizing the difference between restaurants that permit BYOB vs. those that enthusiastically embrace it. Which reminds me of the excellent Tuesday-only wine program at West On Centre in West Roxbury, MA. We've done a coupe of tasting dinners there and their enthusiasm for wine is outstanding (read about our "Steakhouse Cab" tasting HERE). I found it interesting that GoBYO doesn't have a per-night notion in their system- West On Centre is listed as not permitting BYO- perhaps this is an area for improvement.

At any rate, definitely check out GoBYO next time you're seeking a BYO-friendly restaurant near you.

Thanks to VinoDivino for the heads-up about GoBYO- it is appreciated.


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