WTSO.com $10 off $100 eGiftCard

Thursday, November 25, 2021

WTSO.com is offering $10 off a $100 eGiftCard with code GIVETHANKS

If you're new to WTSO I'd recommend buying the gift card from a different email address than the account you intend to use long term. Because when you go to use the gift card you can get $30 off your first $100 order through referral.

It looks like this might be even more generous than intended at the moment so it may make sense to get some orders in soon:


Rakuten 12x on Wine.com: How to Stack It

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! Wherever this message finds you I wish for you good health, good cheer, and and some nice bottles of wine.

Wine.com 12x on Rakuten

The Rakuten shopping portal has bumped wine.com to 12x back today. I like Rakuten as a shopping portal because they reliably pay out, they're quick to credit when a purchase doesn't track, and you can elect to earn rewards as Membership Rewards, which can be worth more than 1 cent a piece.

The payout varies by day, and may go up or down this weekend, but I'd say 12x is pretty good (check rate history here).

AA Simply Miles

Link your Mastercard through Simply Miles to earn some AA miles while shopping online. Current offer is 450 miles for $50+ spend but it bounces around.

Citi Offers

Check your Citi credit cards for $30 back on $100 as described in this post. Buy $100 gift cards (the codes arrive a few minutes later) to lock in the savings and avoid overshoot.

Promo Codes

Check this thread on Wine Berserkers for the lastest wine.com promo codes, like PPST921 for $20 off $50.

None of this works very well if you have to pay for shipping. Get StewardShip so you can pay a flat price for a year of shipping while stacking promo codes.

What to Buy

Wine.com prices vary by state and the assortment can be wildly different depending on which warehouse they fulfill your orders from.

The challenges sometimes can be finding combinations that add up to enough to trigger the promo code without overshoot. For example a lot of great wines are $49.99 and don't trigger a $20 back on $50 offer.

Affiliate links below (don't use these links if you're going through a shopping portal):
Bottom Line

Wine.com gets dunked on for a lot of reasons. Mundane selection. High prices. Bad fulfillment.

But my experience lately, shipping mostly to Massachusetts but also Florida, has been good. Wines have been arriving the next day even when ordering after noon.

If you have the patience for stacking these discounts and they stock wines you're interested in, it's hard to imagine finding better pricing - especially without having to leave the house.


WTSO Referrals and Restock Notifications

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

I haven't written much about WTSO here because their deals come and go so quickly. By the time I'd write up a blog post they'd be on to the next offer by the time you'd read it.

Further compounding the difficulty in recommending a bottle is that by the time I taste a wine they're offering it would be long gone, never to return.

I got an email today and noticed two things:
  1. They notified me that a wine I had before is available for reorder (and it's not the wine currently offered on their main landing page)
  2. They've got a referral program

A wine I enjoyed that they restocked is the Villa dè Moreschi Ripasso della Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2018. I've got a soft spot in my heart for Valpolicella and the Ripasso makes this one drink like a poor man's Amarone. I thought it was an outstanding wine in a tall bottle with an attractive label. A "super useful" wine at a great price. Highly recommended.

I don't see this wine for sale elsewhere on WTSO so it's kind of cool they're offering it as a restock. And I think you can get it too, even if you haven't ordered it previously, by clicking through the link above.


The referral offers says:

"If you love wine as much as I do, sign up for WTSO and get access to their limited-time deals that are up to 70% off other retailers. Here's $30 off your first purchase of $100 or more. Cheers to that!"
I did some testing, and when you have $100 in your cart you should see a little check-box appear beneath the Promo Code field. It appears you really do need to hit $100 in a single order to get $30 off $100.

Here's my referral code if you're new to WTSO:

You get $30 credit for referring so if you've got friends or family you'd like to refer, go for it!

Putting It Together
  1. Open a new WTSO account through referral
  2. If desired, click the link for a restock wine a friend has recommended
  3. Get $30 off $100+ by checking the box to use the referral credit
Bottom Line

I like these additions from WTSO. Looks like they're branching out with more than one offer at a time and a more fully functioning online store.


Wine Access 20% Off Black Friday: What To Buy

Monday, November 22, 2021

Wine Access is offering 20% off select wines as part of a Black Friday sale. I was notified of early access to the sale via email, though I'm not sure which accounts are targeted. That said, the sale should be in effect for all later this week.

This is a great opportunity to stack with the recently released $30 off $100 (x3) Amex Offer if you were targeted:

"Shop Our Black Friday Sale With Early Access NOW! Save 20% On All In-Stock Wines. Excludes Limited Time Offers. Other Exclusions Apply. Shipping included on $120 or any 6 bottles."

Unfortunately, the 20% off doesn't stack with other promos you may have previously activated. Say for example you have a $50 off $150 promo code -and- 20% activated in your account: They'll apply whichever offer results in a higher discount but not both.
Still - either way - this can be a good option when combined with the Amex Offer.

Tip: Lock in the Amex Offers savings while avoiding overshoot by buying a gift card. eGCs arrive instantly and trigger the offer.

I had a look through the assortment of qualifying wines. Here are some recommendations priced low to high:

All prices before discounts, affiliate links below...

Reliable Favorites

NDA Wines
Bottom Line

A good opportunity to restock after Thanksgiving in preparation for the holidays.



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