OFFER: Vaughn Duffy Pinot Noir Reload

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

If you went in on this Vaughn Duffy 6-Pack offer back in April you know how good these wines are. And you might also be ready for a reload. I know I am, so I reached out to Matt Duffy to see if he could run the offer again. Thankfully he obliged.

If you didn't go in on the offer last time around, here's another chance. Same amazing wines. Same great pricing.

$199 Vaughn Duffy Pinot Noir 6-Pack
  • 2015 Stori Vineyard
  • 2016 Suacci Vineyard
  • 2017 Suacci Vineyard
  • 2017 Russian River Valley
  • 2018 Russian River Valley
  • 2017 Fay’s Reserve
It's a pretty great deal because their appellation Pinots go for $40/btl and their single vineyard Pinots go for $55-$58/btl. So it's $300+ worth of wine for $199.

$25 for Ground shipping, $15 to West Coast.

They can hold the wines until cooler weather in the fall. Or you can elect to ship now and take on the summer heat risk, they'll ship in foam shippers with ice packs. They ship on Mondays with UPS Ground.
To Order

To order email Matt  directly with shipping address and he will follow up:

Learn more about their wines on their website. And check out my visit and tasting report from 2012.


Wine Access Improves Industry-Best Referral Program

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Wine Access already had the best refer-a-friend program in online wine, but they've lowered the purchase requirement for the friend being referred from $150 to $100.

Through August 31, 2020 the friend being referred gets $30 off $100. The person doing the referring gets a $50 credit.

Previously, the deal was $50 off $150 for the friend being referred. While $30 off $100 is a lower percentage discount this does lower the bar for a qualifying referral.

Wine Access is a bit unique in their participation in shopping portals (in a bad way) in that only new customers qualify for portal cashback. It can be a bit tricky to stack a referral with shopping through a portal, though it may be possible. Check best rates here:

That said, the real juice comes when stacking this with Amex Offers that are good through 9/30/2020 for one of:
  • $100 off $250
  • $50 off $150
  • $50 off $250

Along with this, they've revamped their website for easier navigation. I tend to find the most compelling deals in their Limited Time Offers, but there are good deals to be had elsewhere on their site. Here are a few deals to consdier:
To sum it up:
  • Use a referral for $30 of $100
  • Try shopping through a portal
  • Stack it with an Amex Offer
  • Do some referrals of your own
If you're looking to spin up a new Wine Access account, thanks in advance for using my referral:


August 2020 Promo Codes (and they now have a referral program)

Sunday, August 2, 2020

40% Off:
$20 off $50 with 20JB (source)
$20 off $50 with 07NCS20 (source)

33% Off:
$50 off $150 with P50CIQ (saw it on an AdSense ad)
$50 off $150 with YT50 (source)

30% Off:
$30 off $100 with ZU30 (source)

25% Off:
$25 off $100 with NBCSPORTS (source)
$50 off $200 with GET50  (source)

20% Off:
$20 off $100 with FORYOU20 (HT @Garth on Milenomics Slack)
$30 off $150 with BDAY (source)

$30 off $200 with GET30 (source)

And, it looks like started (or restarted?) a referral program. It's not nearly as lucrative as WineAccess (which is a $50 credit for each referral) but it's essentially $30 off $100 for both the person being referred as well as the person doing the referring.
It's not the greatest deal in the world since they often have promo codes that are greater than 30% (as seen above). I could see it as a way of defraying some of the cost of StewardShip on a new account you might spin up, in case you're interested in using coupon codes multiple times and/or have a lot of Amex Offers to use.

See: Is StewardShip Worth It?

I found the link for referring down towards the bottom of the page if you'd like to do your own referring. Thanks in advance if you use mine:


July 2020: A Few Promo Codes Remain (and alternate sources for online wine deals)

Thursday, July 2, 2020

A bunch of codes stopped working at the end of Q2. A couple new ones have appeared. Here's what I see working as of now:

$20 off $50 with PS20 (source)

$50 off $150

The latest iteration of the Amex Offer also expired at the end of June so it might be worth checking out some other offers while is in a lull:
  • Wine Access has a variety of Amex Offers that run through 9/30/2020. New accounts can stack portal cashback with a referral and the Amex Offer. Consider referring a spouse or friend if you haven't already - their referral program is quite generous. They've had some great wines this year.
  • Benchmark Wine Group has an Amex Offer that runs through 8/22/2020. They specialize in high end back vintages purchased from collectors cellars. If you've got a sharp eye you might be able to find some bargains.
  • First Bottle Wines has an Amex Offer that runs through 8/23/2020. They had a great deal on the 2018 Lapierre Morgon. Join their mailing list to keep up with the best deals in their assortment.
Finally, don't forget Last Bottle Wines. I was driving home from vacation yesterday and practically had to pull over the car to order this one. Some deals come and go too quickly to post here, so follow me on Twitter for deals like this:



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