July 2020: A Few Wine.com Promo Codes Remain (and alternate sources for online wine deals)

Thursday, July 2, 2020

A bunch of Wine.com codes stopped working at the end of Q2. A couple new ones have appeared. Here's what I see working as of now:

$20 off $50 with PS20 (source)

$50 off $150

The latest iteration of the Wine.com Amex Offer also expired at the end of June so it might be worth checking out some other offers while Wine.com is in a lull:
  • Wine Access has a variety of Amex Offers that run through 9/30/2020. New accounts can stack portal cashback with a referral and the Amex Offer. Consider referring a spouse or friend if you haven't already - their referral program is quite generous. They've had some great wines this year.
  • Benchmark Wine Group has an Amex Offer that runs through 8/22/2020. They specialize in high end back vintages purchased from collectors cellars. If you've got a sharp eye you might be able to find some bargains.
  • First Bottle Wines has an Amex Offer that runs through 8/23/2020. They had a great deal on the 2018 Lapierre Morgon. Join their mailing list to keep up with the best deals in their assortment.
Finally, don't forget Last Bottle Wines. I was driving home from vacation yesterday and practically had to pull over the car to order this one. Some deals come and go too quickly to post here, so follow me on Twitter for deals like this:


Podcast: Everything I've Learned About Wine in 40 Minutes

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Direct Link to podcast.

I've been blogging about wine here at The Wellesley Wine Press since 2008. In that time, I've taken Wine & Spirit Education Trust courses, visited fascinating wine regions, joined forces with local wine enthusiasts on case club deals, and even had a TV crew in our kitchen to discuss wine shipping laws.

One thing I've always gravitated towards is the deal aspect of wine.

It's fascinating to me how the wine supply chain works, and how we can best navigate it as consumers. That's why so many of my posts have been about deals.

An interest that's been building in my mind since 2012 is the pursuit of points & miles to enable travel that would otherwise be difficult to justify with cash. In 2018 I partnered with an existing blog I'd long admired called Milenomics. In 2019 we started a podcast that helps people earn miles without actually flying, and redeem them effectively for exactly the trips they want to take.

We occasionally take diversions from points & miles into deals, and this is where the wine angle comes in. We discuss some foundational issues in wine enjoyment, wine travel, and the current state of wine deals.

I'd love it if you headed over for a listen. If you're interested in travel, poke around and see if adding points & miles to your endeavors could be a good fit:

Direct Link to podcast.


$50 off $150 at Wine.com with PW50FB

Saturday, June 27, 2020

$50 off $150 at Wine.com with PW50FB (source)

Expiration date uncertain.

I've added it to this list of currently active Wine.com codes.

Quick mention: I recently had some trouble with Wine.com orders tracking through shopping portals. I filed a claim on one with Rakuten and heard back as follows...

When we looked into this order, we found that the order was not attributed to the Rakuten link. However, as a courtesy we have updated your account with Cash Back for this order.

There are many ways this can happen. Here are a few examples:

  • If you used a coupon or promo code that is not found on Rakuten but found on another site, that site will be credited for that order.
  • If you visit any other site during your shopping trip (especially other sites that offer rewards, coupons, or discounts), that site will be credited for that order.
  • If you have a toolbar, plug-in, add-on, etc. installed on your browser (especially for other sites that offer rewards, coupons, or discounts), that site will be credited for that order.
Find more information about exclusions and limitations at www.rakuten.com/help/exclusions.htm

Feel free to reach out to me if you still have any questions. Thank you.

It's boilerplate language, but the part about using "a coupon or promo code from another site" is a bit troubling, because these high value codes are hardly ever on shopping portal sites.

All this said, more recent orders have been tracking for me so hopefully there was just a period of time where orders weren't tracking automatically.


$20 off $50 at Wine.com with code PS20 [Expires 6/25?]

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Another terrific Wine.com code:

$20 off $50 with code PS20 (source)

I've added it to this list of currently active Wine.com codes.

It's worth mentioning that if it's hot you can elect to ship at a future date. And if you're on vacation and have StewardShip you can perhaps ship to where you're traveling to.



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