Ritz Rosé Champagne: $39.95/btl w/Free Shipping on 6

Monday, September 21, 2020

Years ago, we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix while visiting family for the holidays. Rates were surprisingly affordable, and thanks to the Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa, Club Lounge was included in our stay.

One of the lounge attendants tipped me off that, on request, they had a better Champagne available: A cuvee made just for Ritz hotels. I think they sold it for like $22/glass at the bar downstairs so I enjoyed it quite a bit. Especially for "free."

Fast forward to today when an offer came through for a Ritz Champagne, and a rosé no less.

I'm uncertain whether this is the same Champagne they serve at Ritz hotels worldwide. But I do see the Ritz Paris offering this in the gift shop for 62 euros a bottle.

That stay at the Ritz in Phoenix was a great memory. I think I'll tell myself that "due to Covid" (as they say), there is a glut of Ritz Champagne available at deep discount and now is the time to buy. Ha!

Get $10 off your first order with First Bottle with this referral link:


$30 off $100 at Wine Access [Working for Existing Accounts]

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Unlike Wine.com, Wine Access doesn't "do" promo codes. Instead they rely on entry links to associate discounts with accounts.

A good one for $30 off $100 surfaced recently:


When I visit the site through this link it says "Enjoy $30 Off Your First Purchase of $100" which would seem to imply that it's intended for new users. Or, it could mean it's a "come back" offer to encourage existing users to place a $100+ order. It's working for existing accounts so let's assume it's the latter...

New Customers

If you're spinning up a new Wine Access account you'd be better off using a referral code [percentage wise] for $50 off your first $150 order. 

You could also shop through a portal as a new customer, the one and only time that portal payouts work with Wine Access (existing customers are excluded).

Here's my referral link if you're new to Wine Access:

Existing Customers

A nice thing about this "enjoy30" link is that it stacks with referral credits. If you don't have any referral credits, consider referring a spouse.

Another nice thing about this offer is how their standard offer of free shipping on $120+ applies to the pre-discounted total. So for example a $110 order after $30 discount will ship free:
What to Buy?

Everyone should consider this still-active Amex Offer.

This is well-timed for discounts on the wines I mentioned yesterday in this post.

I keep meaning to write about the $37/btl "Yesterday" Napa Cab they hyped as an "NDA"/mystery wine to compare with $500/btl wines. It really is an increidble wine. I really wish I'd bought more. I cracked a 2nd bottle of it last night and it reminded me of Phelps Insignia (though I think the indicators associate it more with Harlan lineage).

A couple still-available wines along these "mystery" lines:

HT: BrianM on Milenomics Slack and Dan Hammer on Wine Berserkers
Evidently this is being sent out as a postcard via USPS.


Deal: Elk Cove Goodrich Vineyard Pinot Noir for $35 (before discounts)

Saturday, September 19, 2020

I know a lot of readers have been interested in Wine Access deals, but due to their relatively limited assortment are also looking for specific recommendations. The 2017 Elk Cove Goodrich Pinot Noir for $35 before discounts is a great one:

2017 Elk Cove Vineyards Goodrich Pinot Noir

Their single vineyard Pinot Noirs retail for around $60, and their Willamette Valley bottling retails for $32. So this is like getting a single vineyard wine for the price of an appellation wine...but then you can stack the discounts mentioned below to take the price down even further.

I was poking around and they've got some other great wines right now:

How to Maximize It

If you're an existing WineAccess customer, see if you're taregeted for $50 off $200:


If you've got a new email address to use with WineAccess, use a referral for $50 off $150:


Through the end of September 2020, check to see if you've got an Amex Offer:



$10 Off $50 at Wine.com Amex Offer: How to Maximize It

Friday, September 4, 2020

Amex is back with yet another iteration of what's got to be the most reliably recurring lucrative online wine deal out there:

$10 off $50+ through 1/31/2021

Update 9/8/2020: There is also a $30 off $100 variant of this offer available, and both offers can be had with one SSN. The targeting doesn't seem very broad for this offer as of yet.

How to Maximize It

  1. Add the offer to your Amex card(s)
    (one per SSN, plus non-Amex Amex cards like Wells Fargo Propel World)
  2. Buy $50 gift cards and send them to your self
  3. Buy StewardShip (yes, it can be a good deal)
  4. Load those cards to your Wine.com account at check-out
    2 per session, clear cookies/go incognition when you get throttled
  5. Shop through a portal (check rates here)
  6. Use a promo code for up to 40% off (here's a list of probably still active codes)
    If the portal denies your claim because of use of a promo codes found on another site, ask them nicely for "a one-time exception."
What to Buy



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