Ritz Rosé Champagne: $39.95/btl w/Free Shipping on 6

Monday, September 21, 2020

Years ago, we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix while visiting family for the holidays. Rates were surprisingly affordable, and thanks to the Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa, Club Lounge was included in our stay.

One of the lounge attendants tipped me off that, on request, they had a better Champagne available: A cuvee made just for Ritz hotels. I think they sold it for like $22/glass at the bar downstairs so I enjoyed it quite a bit. Especially for "free."

Fast forward to today when an offer came through for a Ritz Champagne, and a rosé no less.

I'm uncertain whether this is the same Champagne they serve at Ritz hotels worldwide. But I do see the Ritz Paris offering this in the gift shop for 62 euros a bottle.

That stay at the Ritz in Phoenix was a great memory. I think I'll tell myself that "due to Covid" (as they say), there is a glut of Ritz Champagne available at deep discount and now is the time to buy. Ha!

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