$30 off $100 at Wine Access [Working for Existing Accounts]

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Unlike Wine.com, Wine Access doesn't "do" promo codes. Instead they rely on entry links to associate discounts with accounts.

A good one for $30 off $100 surfaced recently:


When I visit the site through this link it says "Enjoy $30 Off Your First Purchase of $100" which would seem to imply that it's intended for new users. Or, it could mean it's a "come back" offer to encourage existing users to place a $100+ order. It's working for existing accounts so let's assume it's the latter...

New Customers

If you're spinning up a new Wine Access account you'd be better off using a referral code [percentage wise] for $50 off your first $150 order. 

You could also shop through a portal as a new customer, the one and only time that portal payouts work with Wine Access (existing customers are excluded).

Here's my referral link if you're new to Wine Access:

Existing Customers

A nice thing about this "enjoy30" link is that it stacks with referral credits. If you don't have any referral credits, consider referring a spouse.

Another nice thing about this offer is how their standard offer of free shipping on $120+ applies to the pre-discounted total. So for example a $110 order after $30 discount will ship free:
What to Buy?

Everyone should consider this still-active Amex Offer.

This is well-timed for discounts on the wines I mentioned yesterday in this post.

I keep meaning to write about the $37/btl "Yesterday" Napa Cab they hyped as an "NDA"/mystery wine to compare with $500/btl wines. It really is an increidble wine. I really wish I'd bought more. I cracked a 2nd bottle of it last night and it reminded me of Phelps Insignia (though I think the indicators associate it more with Harlan lineage).

A couple still-available wines along these "mystery" lines:

HT: BrianM on Milenomics Slack and Dan Hammer on Wine Berserkers
Evidently this is being sent out as a postcard via USPS.


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