August 2020 Promo Codes (and they now have a referral program)

Sunday, August 2, 2020

40% Off:
$20 off $50 with 20JB (source)
$20 off $50 with 07NCS20 (source)

33% Off:
$50 off $150 with P50CIQ (saw it on an AdSense ad)
$50 off $150 with YT50 (source)

30% Off:
$30 off $100 with ZU30 (source)

25% Off:
$25 off $100 with NBCSPORTS (source)

$50 off $200 with HELLOAGAIN50 (source)
$50 off $200 with GET50  (source)

20% Off:
$20 off $100 with FORYOU20 (HT @Garth on Milenomics Slack)
$30 off $150 with BDAY (source)

$30 off $200 with GET30 (source)

And, it looks like started (or restarted?) a referral program. It's not nearly as lucrative as WineAccess (which is a $50 credit for each referral) but it's essentially $30 off $100 for both the person being referred as well as the person doing the referring.
It's not the greatest deal in the world since they often have promo codes that are greater than 30% (as seen above). I could see it as a way of defraying some of the cost of StewardShip on a new account you might spin up, in case you're interested in using coupon codes multiple times and/or have a lot of Amex Offers to use.

See: Is StewardShip Worth It?

I found the link for referring down towards the bottom of the page if you'd like to do your own referring. Thanks in advance if you use mine:


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