[Targeted] $50 off $200 at Wine Access

Thursday, August 13, 2020

I got a postcard in the mail today from Wine Access offering $50 off $200 on existing accounts, to celebrate the redesign of their website.

They actually did revamp their site. They're finding their way between being a flash deal site, a generalist online retailer, and a purveyor of allocated wines and as they do so they're going through some transitions.

Along the way, search and naviagation has indeed improved.
When I enter their site through the /newsite link I see a banner for $50 off $200. And when I proceed to place an order of $200+ I see $50 off:
But when I compare notes with a non-targeted account, I do not see $50 off $200. So it feels to me like this is a targeted offer.

How to Play It

The utility I see in this is where you have an existing account with referral credits and you want to reduce the price of the wines you're buying.

If you're not an existing customer you'd be better off shopping through a portal, going through a referral link (for $50 off $150), and stacking it with an Amex Offer.

Bottom Line

I consider Wine Access the second best ongoing online wine deal right now, narrowly behind wine.com with all their promo codes and angles.

But don't forget to consider great winery-deals like this one. And this one.


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