Rakuten 10x Back at Wine.com: Wines I'm Consistently Buying

Monday, August 24, 2020

Shopping portal Rakuten is offering 10x back at Wine.com today. You can see this is a good rate that heightens every month or two through Cashback Monitor's handy tracking feature.

Some other portals to consider for Wine.com (that aren't tracked by CashbackMonitor) are RetailMeNot and FreeShipping.com/ShopSmarter. RetailMeNot doesn't consistently offer cashback for Wine.com however. And FreeShipping.com/ShopSmarter require a subscription of around $10/month in order to get 10% cashback at all the retailers they work with.

I like Rakuten because you can elect to have earnings converted into Amex Membership Rewards which can be worth more than 1 cent per point towards travel.

If you don't have a Rakuten account yet, here is a referral link. $25 for me, $10 for you after spending $25+:

Promo Codes

Here's a list of promo codes for August 2020 with up to 40% off.

Keep in mind that Wine.com promo codes are single-use (per Wine.com account) so the optimal play is subscribing for StewardShip then breaking up your orders into smaller chunks to maximize the promo codes with the deepest discounts first.

What I've Been Buying

These are Wine.com affiliate links

One of the most common recommendations people are looking for is a good $10 Cab. This sells for $12.99 in MA at the moment so towards that goal I can't think of a better play.

Total Wine has it for $12.97 in MA and Wine.com is at $15.99. With discounts Wine.com is cheaper, though I usually prefer finding wines that Wine.com sells for closer to the best available price. Still, this Prosecco is great in an Aperol Spritz and we tend to go through a bunch of it and it's nice to have it delivered to the house without additional cost.

This has been an amazingly reliably outstanding California Pinot Noir. Just so vibrant, pure, and powerful while still showing elegant restraint. At $34.99 from Wine.com it's a fair price and not widely traded at local retailers. After discounts this is a great value.

For some reason, I find myself cracking a Honig Cab regularly for Friday night pizza night. It delivers on what I'm looking for in a Napa Cab every. Single. Time. I don't see other retailers undercutting the $43.99 price this goes for in MA so it's well suited to purchase from Wine.com.

They used to sell this for like $33 at Total Wine. But recently they've increased the price there to over $50. Wine.com has it for $49.99 so after discounts the pricing is very attractive. It's been spectacular every time I've tried it, often veering into "Classic" territory (95+ points) for me. More here in this post.


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