Wine Access Improves Industry-Best Referral Program

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Wine Access already had the best refer-a-friend program in online wine, but they've lowered the purchase requirement for the friend being referred from $150 to $100.

Through August 31, 2020 the friend being referred gets $30 off $100. The person doing the referring gets a $50 credit.

Previously, the deal was $50 off $150 for the friend being referred. While $30 off $100 is a lower percentage discount this does lower the bar for a qualifying referral.

Wine Access is a bit unique in their participation in shopping portals (in a bad way) in that only new customers qualify for portal cashback. It can be a bit tricky to stack a referral with shopping through a portal, though it may be possible. Check best rates here:

That said, the real juice comes when stacking this with Amex Offers that are good through 9/30/2020 for one of:
  • $100 off $250
  • $50 off $150
  • $50 off $250

Along with this, they've revamped their website for easier navigation. I tend to find the most compelling deals in their Limited Time Offers, but there are good deals to be had elsewhere on their site. Here are a few deals to consdier:
To sum it up:
  • Use a referral for $30 of $100
  • Try shopping through a portal
  • Stack it with an Amex Offer
  • Do some referrals of your own
If you're looking to spin up a new Wine Access account, thanks in advance for using my referral:


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