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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Check your Amex Offers for 20-40% off Wine Access
I'm seeing and hearing about a few different WineAccess Amex Offers currently:
  • $100 off $250
  • $50 off $150
  • $50 off $250
These offers can be used 3x per card. Offers ends 9/30/2020.

1. Load the AmEx Offer to your preferred card online

I saw the $50 off $250 offer on a number of my cards, but none of the offers on my wife's cards. This seems to be a more variable offer than some they've run in the past.

2. Create a Wine Access Account

Wine Access has a refer-a-friend whereby you get $50 off your first $150 order.

Here's my referral link to get started if you're new to Wine Access:


After going through the referral link you should see this at the top of the page:

3. Go through a Shopping Portal

You can get additional cashback or points & miles for Wine Access orders. To find the best cashback rates use Cashback Monitor.

An unfortunate trend I've seen lately is that shopping portal terms say they only pay out on orders for new customers. It's always worth a try, but keep that in mind if you're an existing customer.

4. Spend the required amount to trigger the AmEx Offer and Free Shipping

The way AmEx Offers work you charge the required amount and if the offer has successfully been linked to your account prior to purchase you should receive an email from AmEx right away saying you triggered the offer. The offer is processed a few days later as a statement credit.

Wine Access offers free shipping on $120+ orders (or 6+ bottles).

If you're trying to hit round numbers just north of the amount required for the offer, you can often add "top up" wines at checkout.

What to Buy?

Here are a few suggestions at low, medium and high price points. I've had the Kinfolk before. I think it's very good. $15-$20/btl (depending on how many bottles you buy).

I haven't tried this particular Foxen bottling but I've wanted to try their single vineyard wines for some time.

Kosta Browne (trip report) is a perennial favorite. Rare to find it available at a discount. Wine Access offered the 2017 Russian River Pinot Noir a while back. That's arrived and I enjoyed it tremendously.
These are affiliate links, thanks in advance if you use them

Bottom Line

If you're targeted for the offers that are 33% or better, this is a pretty sweet deal. Especially when combined with a new customer referral ($50 off $150) and a shopping portal.

There are a number of wine-related Amex Offers that have been reliably recurring the past few years. Of these, I think Wine Access and Wine.com are the ones to watch, because they carry good wines from reliably outstanding producers. A lot of the other offers are for wine clubs where they pick the wines, which are invariably relabeled mass produced wines that aren't very good.

Further reading: DEAL: $50 off $150 at Wine.com with code "CIQ50"

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