Is StewardShip Worth It?

Saturday, April 25, 2020's StewardShip offers unlimited shipping to the continental US for one year for $49.95.

If you're just going to place an order or two, it's not worth it.

But if you:
  • Have patience for stacking portal cashback with promo codes along with "free" shipping 
  • Like the convenience of being able to order just a bottle or two at a time
  • Might be interested in sending wine as a gift
  • Would like to send wine to yourself while on vacation
...then StewardShip might be for you.

Why StewardShip? charges $13.65 to ship a single bottle of wine in Massachusetts.
They charge $37.30 for a 12 bottle case. wants $49/yr for StewardsShip. also:
  • Participates in shopping portals (check rates here)
  • Regularly runs promo codes for 20-33% off (here's a 33% off code, for example)
  • Has Amex Offers for 20-30% off (how to maximize these offers)
  • Has a pretty good assortment of wines
  • Ships relatively quickly
Of these, the most important characteristic of StewardShip is the ability to stack a promo code with free shipping. A lot of their promotions are a discount OR free shipping. With StewardShip you can use a promo code and your shipping is included with your StewardShip subscription.

Bottom Line

If you're just going to order from once or twice a year, StewardShip isn't worth it.

But if you're willing to put in the time and effort to stack StewardShip with portal cashback, promo codes, and maybe Amex Offers as well - then StewardShip enables to become one of the best recurring online wine deals.

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