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Saturday, November 21, 2020

FoundersCard is a membership club for business owners that offers a collection of travel/dining perks and retail discounts.

I'm currently a member (more on that in a moment) and have found a couple of their ongoing wine discounts useful.

Wine Access
  • $100 off first $200 order
  • 10% recurring discount
Wine Library
  • Free shipping
  • 25% off rotating assortment of wines each month
There are a few additional tie-ins with wine country lodging, wineries and such but these two have the most broad utility I think.

How it Works

Once you sign up and are approved for FoundersCard you have access to their benefits. Each entity works a little differently. With Wine Access there's a link on the FoundersCard that directs you to the Wine Access site and triggers the discount. With Wine Library you click a button and a discount code is sent to your email.

Thoughts on FoundersCard

I signed up 5 months ago as part of what I thought was going to be a $99 1-year membership. I started the process but didn't follow through. A couple days later they sent me a 6-month free trial.

When you're in a trial period you have access to most, though not all, of the benefits associated with FoundersCard. The wine discounts mentioned here do convey, though some of the more desirable benefits like an American Airlines status match and Caesar's Palace status are only available when you're on a paid membership.

The travel benefits haven't been highly useful to me, especially with the pandemic, but I have been happy with the wine discounts as well as an $800 business checking account welcome bonus and some apparel discounts. Overall, not bad for "free" (as part of the free trial) and I'd say worth it if you can find your way to a $99 for 1 year membership to check it out.

They've got a referral program but I'll skip sharing it here. It's rather unclear to me whether referrals result in free trials, $99 offers, of full fare $395 memberships.

That said, I did want to mention it here since the wine discounts can be useful if a bit involved and circuitous.

To learn more and to inquire about membership:


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