Breaking: Sea Smoke Pinot Noir on Wine Access

Friday, November 20, 2020


Direct Link to Offer

Wine Access is offering the 2018 Sea Smoke Ten and Southing Pinot Noirs for $99/btl. That's not too far out of line with retail pricing, but it's noteworthy in that:

  • You can get $50 off your first $150 order with referral
  • Or 20% off -or $50 off $200 for existing customers
  • Shipping is free on $120+ orders
The Ten bottling has historically been more heavily oaked, and more expensive. But the prices seem to have equalized on these two over the years.

Coincidentally I got an email from Sea Smoke today, literally years after last ordering from them, inviting me to reactivate my account. I stopped ordering from them mostly due to shipping costs and having enough on hand. But I was thinking, "Now there's a wine that's hard enough to get in MA that I just may have to buy direct."

The Southing is one of my favorite wines of all time (the 2004 Southing Pinot Noir was my wine of the year in 2009).

I've never seen Wine Access release a wine like this. The way it was emailed out, it was like the quantity was too small to even warrant putting it on their site.

Hopefully you can find availability in your region if you're interested. Thanks in advance for using my referral if you're new to Wine Access for $50 off $150:


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