Recommended: Wine Access NDA 2018 Yesterday Napa Cab [$300 wine for $35?]

Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Deal
  • Winemaker described as “Napa’s top gun” in Wine Spectator (I'd say this has to be Thomas Rivers Brown)
  • At the top of Howell Mountain, bordered by stands of trees, the 35-acre site is bowl-shaped and studded with hills...perched 1,800 feet above sea level on Howell Mountain (I'm thinking this is Hershey Vineyard)
  • We dare say it’s worth the $300 the market would usually demand for it. Which means that at just $40, you might want to buy as much as your wallet will allow. (based on a search of Wine Spectator's ratings database, the producer that most closely matches this is Dana Estates whose Hershey Vineyard bottling retails in that range. Actually quite a bit more. Their sister winery Vaso also makes a Hershey Vineyard Cab, retail $85/btl for the 2016 vintage.)
Bottom Line

Is this $300 wine for $35? Not really. They're just saying the vineyard, grapes, and winemaker typically produce wines in that price range. But it is a tremendous bottle of wine for as little as $35/btl before discounts.

The way Wine Access rotates inventory frequently it can be hard to buy, try, and make a recommendation. I really enjoyed the Yesterday bottling they offered earlier this year. 

A prior offering touted a $500 wine for $40. This new offer is from Howell Mountain whereas the prior was just from "Napa Valley." It's fun to say "Hey, who wants more of the $500 wine?" but once you get past that it's just a really great glass of Cabernet. It reminded me of Phelps Insignia with chocolate notes for days. CellarTracker reviews on that one were solid as well.

So here we have an opportunity to buy another wine with the same pedigree as an earlier offer. I went for 4 bottles that are scheduled to arrive later this week. I'll look forward to comparing notes.

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