Wine Access Radio Silence: Wine from $500+/btl Oakville Grapes for $45/btl

Monday, November 30, 2020

Wine Access is offering another one of their "NDA wines" today:

  • $45 1-5 bottles
  • $42 6-11 bottles
  • $38 12 + bottles
Their current 20% off sale doesn't apply to this wine since it is a Limited Time Offer, but if you're a FoundersCard member you can get 10% off.

Depending on whether you've depleted them already you might also be able to use:
If you're new to Wine Access $50 off $150 through referral:

Shop through a portal if it's your first order.

Unfortunately, Wine Access offers tend not to stack. It seems like their system tries to apply the best available promotion tied to an account (clicking through each link should tie them to the Wine Access account you subsequently log into).

Free shipping on $120 orders.

Don't forget the ongoing Amex Offer.


This one sounds similar to the 2018 Yesterday Napa Valley they offered a little while back. Not to be confused with Yesterday Howell Mountain, the clues they provided for the Yesterday Napa Valley seemed to me to indicate Harlan as the grape source. And it's the case again for the Radio Silence.

  • "At retail, you’d pay between $500-$1,500 (per bottle)"
  • "hillside Oakville grapes"
The offer is written through the lens of a chat with "our octogenarian friend." I did some checking and it looks like Bill Harlan turned 80 this year.

WWP Ratings on Recent Wine Access NDA Wines

Don't get to cranked up about the numbers here. I'm just trying to express my perception of the quality of these recent NDA offers relative to one another.

Commission: 89/100 (read more)
Editorial: 90/100
Yesterday Napa Valley: 93/100 
Yesterady Howell Mountain: 95/100 (read more)

Bottom Line

Although the Commission wine was a bit of a disappointment after a couple of smash hits with the Yesterday wines, I'm cautiously optimistic about this bottling. Here's hoping it drinks more like Yesterday than Commission.

Although this is classified as a preorder wine, it's scheduled to arrive Dec 3rd.

I'll look forward to comparing notes...


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