Wine Access: New Amex Offers + 15% Off Next 3 Orders

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wine Access is out with a new Amex Offer, there's a 15% off option for existing customers, and new customers can get $50 off $150 with referral.

Let's get right into it...

Amex Offers
  • $30 off $100
  • Can be used 3x (up to $90 back on $300)
  • -or-
  • $20 off $200
  • Can be used 3x (up to $60 back on $600)
  • Can reach targets through multiple transactions
  • Expires 2/28/2021
I see it on personal cards (Green, Gold, Platinum, Hilton). But not on my business cards, and not on any of my wife's cards.
Existing Customers: 15% Off Next Three Orders

If I log into my existing Wine Access account and go to Credits & Promotions I see an offer for 15% off my next 3 purchases.
New Customers: $50 off $150 w/Referral

If you're new to Wine Access you can get $50 off your first $150+ order. This is stackable with the Amex offer.

Here's my referral link if you're a new Wine Access customer:

Bottom Line

They seem to be pivoting from new customer acquistion to encouraging ongoing spend, which is sensible and good to see.

I have been enjoying their wines quite a bit this year. That Elk Cove Richmond Pinot Noir arrived and is fantastic. I cranked through four bottles of that $40 "Yesterday" Cab (that was supposedly from a $500/btl grape source). I wish I'd bought more of that.

Inventory varies by state, but currently here are a few wines that stand out to me:


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