$50 off $150 at Wine.com: What to buy in California?

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Here's another 33% Wine.com discount code:

AMF50 for $50 off $150 (source, HT @TheRetailTrader)

Wine.com's product availability varies by state. A friend in California asked for some suggestions so I had a look a the assortment there. Wow - it's like two different retailers, at least in categories like Burgundy.

Six Picks that ship to California

2016 Vaughn Duffy Suacci Pinot Noir

If you've been curious about Vaughn Duffy but not quite ready to take the plunge on 6 bottles, here's a chance to try just a bottle.

2018 Cakebread Chardonnay

A rare white wine recommendation from me, but I can't imagine *not* having an occasion to share a bottle of this at some point. It's debatable whether Cakebread is more known for their Cab or Charddonay. I say Cab but other might disagree. Here's an in-depth review of the brand.

2018 Sea Smoke Ten Pinot Noir

I love having a bottle of this on hand when I want to break out an elegant bottle of Pinot Noir for a special occasion. I find it benefits from some aging, if you can manage the patience to wait.

2017 Balletto Pinot Noir

A great example of an outstanding wine at a fair price that's hard to find in Massachusetts. More here.

2018 Allegrini Valpolicella

I've got a soft spot in my heart for Valpolicella, and this is a textbook example. Check out this trip report for more on Allegrini's full lineup.

2016 Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet

Columbia Crest, at all price points in their lineup, has been an ever-reliable friend over the years. I think it was the first wine I ever bought based on ratings from Wine Spectator. It was something like a 90 point rated Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot (Grand Estates being one notch below H3 in cost) for something like $8. It was a great wine, and that quality to price ratio strength continues with Columbia Crest to this day.


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