Fresh Off the Truck: 2015 Editorial Napa Cab [$121 for $35]

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

$30-$35/btl (before discounts)
14.9% Alcohol

90% opaque with seductive ruby hues around the edges.

With a chance to breathe it leaps from the glass aromatically with baking spices, ripe black cherries, leather, and pipe tobacco. Weighty but vibrant and luscious on the palate.

Tannins are beginning to integrate but for now support the entire package brilliantly.

A spectacular offering.

94/100 WWP: Oustanding

Commentary and Clues

I hadn't given this one a serious look because I'm a bit overloaded with NDA Napa Cabs from Wine Access at the moment. They've mostly delivered but I was confused on whether this 2015 Editorial was from the same as the 2018 Editorial I'd purchased previously?

It sounds like: No. From the Wine Access write-up, it sounds like their "Editorial" series are wines their friend at the newspaper turned them on to. They're not necessarily from the same producer.

This is also the case with their Yesterday Reserve Napa Valley and Yesterday Howell Mountain: Different sites and different producers.

It was when I read this comment on Wine Berserkers that I sat upright and paid attention: The suspected producer here is Honig and the $121 "compare at" price is perfectly aligned with the retail price of Honig's single vineyard Cabs.

I adore Honig's Cabernets. Just like Sojourn is my favorite reliably outstanding California Pinot Noir producer, Honig is my favorite Napa Cab in the $40 range. But that's the price of their appellation wine. Here we're talking about the asking price of their single vineyard wines.

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Bottom Line

This really does present itself like a $121 wine for as little as $30 before discounts.

I'd put this in the top strata of Wine Access NDA wines, on par with their Yesterday wines.

This really does taste like Honig Cabernet, and at this price for a single vineyard wine it's less than I can find the Honig's Napa Valley bottling.

I bought six and could see my way to another six if not a case.


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