Wine Access 2018 Concept Album Pinot Noir [$70 Savoy Vineyard for $22?]

Friday, March 26, 2021

14.2% Alcohol

Light in color, light in body, and...almost full of flavor.

These Anderson Valley Pinot Noirs tend to present themselves in a more reserved manner, and this one is no exception. The wine does drink cleanly and pleasantly, but it's targeted at those looking for a more "varietally correct" Pinot Noir. I say that as someone who prefers a brawnier Russian River Valley interpretation of the variety.

If tasted blind it would surely be identified as coming from Oregon -or- [more affordable] Burgundy.

It does deliver on its price point and perhaps a little more. But if paid $70 for it, I'd be disappointed.

89/100 WWP: Very Good

This really sounds like it's harkening towards this wine:
I'd never heard of FEL before, but evidently it's part of the Cliff Lede family of wines.

The only thing that doesn't line up is the alcohol level. 13.8% for the FEL vs 14.2% for the Concept Album. But that's within allowable ranges.

Bottom Line

I'm not sure how this one snuck by me. I wish Wine Access did more NDA Pinot Noirs, but they seem to be more focused on Cabernets. And the Pinot Noirs they've done tend to be a little lighter than I'd prefer.

You know what Pinot Noir blew me away recently on first taste? Scherrer. The wines they offered as part of their Wine Bersekers special was incredible (the 2016 Gunsalus in particular). Don't miss out on their 40% offer if you enjoy this category. And don't forget to use the Grand Reserve Mastercard if you have it. Scherrer is a partner winery and earns 5x, plus an additional 2x if it's the winery/wine shop you spent the most on that statement cycle.

Anway, back to Wine Access and this Concept Album Pinot Noir...

$50 off $150 through referral. Thanks in advance for using my link (that gives me a $50 credit to Wine Access which enables me to try more of their releases).


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