[Sold Out?] 2017 Keller Estate La Cruz Pinot Noir [$52 for $32 before discounts]

Sunday, March 21, 2021

$32/btl [$52 retail]
14.2% Alcohol

50% opaque, it's one of those wines that delivers so much depth of flavor given how translucent it is.

Absolutely intoxicating aromatically. Pitch-perfect florals, strawberries, and edgy briar patch. Silky mouthfeel with just a touch of tannic grip and enough acidity that it should play well with a lot of scenarios.

Really well-made wine. An absolute delight to drink.

92/100 WWP: Outstanding

Since this now shows sold out in Massachusetts I'm sorry I didn't buy more, but I'm glad I got a chance to enjoy it at a great price.

My positive reaction to Keller Estate and their La Cruz Vineyard harkens back to on-site visits and one of my early discoveries in wine. So I should have known better.

But as they say, there's always another great deal around the corner. Subscribe to hear about the next one...


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