New Wine Access Spring Mountain NDA Cab: $160 for $35?

Saturday, March 20, 2021

14.9% Alcohol

The Clues
  • "poured at the White House" (link)
  • "The estate’s 96-point, $160 Cabernets are canonical Spring Mountain District releases" (link)
It's pretty clear what this one is associated with. Hat tip to this post on Wine Berserkers for pointing us in the right direction.

Update: An equally compelling case could be made for another winery.

One thing that throws me is the alcohol level. 14.9% with the Color & Sound, and both of the suspects normally produce lower alcohol wines. The second suspect's 2018 is 14.5%. The first suspect hasn't released their 2018 yet but prior vintages are 14.2%.

Recommended Wine Access NDA Wines Still in Stock

I'll orders some and get a Fresh Off the Truck review out when it arrives...


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