[Sold Out?] 2014 Immortal Estate Slope Cabernet Sauvignon

Friday, March 19, 2021

14.9% Alcohol

90% opaque, this wine clings thickly to the glass with impressive density.

A dazzling array of florals, cherries, milk chocolate and cloves builds consistently from the nose to the palate then on the finish. Absolutely brilliant.

So seriously great it made me stop and pay attention. So luscious it invites another sip. A tremendous combination.

Showing well with some age on it.

93/100 WWP: Outstanding

It's interesting how Wine Access tends to follow-up with higher end wines from a known producer shortly after releasing an NDA wine that's rumored to be sourced from that same winery. Hmm...

This shows sold out in Massachusetts but could be available in other regions.


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