YMMV: Wine Access $100 off $250

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Via Wine Berserkers here's a $100 off $250 Wine Access link:

It's said to be for "your first purchase":
However, I do see it working for an existing account:

It's unclear how Wine Access prioritizes the use of existing credits tied to an account. For example I have the following discounts loaded:
For example...
If I add $200, the 15% coupon is triggered. I'd rather have $50 off $200.
But if I add $250 the $100 coupon is triggered.

So I think this one is a little fragile, and it's a matter of trying and seeing what works...

What to Buy

40% off ($100 off $250) plus free shipping on $120+ is pretty great. 

All prices before discounts, affiliate links below.

I'm not sure how this wine, an NDA Pinot Noir, snuck by me. I'll order some now, ships quickly. The only other NDA Pinot Noir I've had was a little disappointing, but this Concept Album surely sounds like Savoy Vineyard.

New vintage of a perennial favorite.

Radio-Coteau's crowd pleasing second label Pinot Noir. Great value.

I love the source producer rumored to be behind this NDA Cab. After trying a few bottles I'm thinking of buying more.

Of all the 2018 NDA wines, this one is probably the most ready to go right now. Every bottle I've opened has been just terrific.

Probably the most puzzling NDA wine they've offered yet. Can't seem to pin it down, but no matter who the source is, it sounds good. I've got some of this on the way.

2018 Etude Pinot Noir Grace Benoist Ranch Carneros Sonoma County $30-$33

I had a bottle of the 2018 Etude Heirloom Pinot Noir the ohter night, which I think is a much more expensive bottling. It was good, if a little disappointing. But Etude is a solid producer and I'd be up for trying this one. Especially at 40% off.

I opened a bottle of this just last night. Great stuff. I've long been a fan of Coho Headwaters, and this is very similar to that. Full bodied, luscious, well-balanced.

Bottom Line

Wine Access typically doesn't allow stacking of promos, so I don't think you can stack $50 off $150 through referral with the $100 off $250 we're talking about here.

It could be one of those situations where it's best to do both, one at a time.


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