New $50 off $150 at Codes: Three $150+ Bundled Recommendations

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A couple new $50 off $150 codes have surfaced up:
The Keys to Maximizing Value at 

The value here hinges on:
  • Combining their flat-rate StewardShip subscription
  • ...with these promo codes
  • ...and perhaps this Amex Offer
  • ...and shopping through a portal (if you have the patience for it)
  • ...for wines you actually want where prices aren't inflated
Use These First

$20 off $50 is a higher discount percentage than $50 off $150, and a more comfortable price point. So use these first...

However, if you're in the market for some more expensive bottles -or- you'd just like to lock in 33% and you're having a hard time landing barely over $50, the $150 codes can be useful.

Three $150 Bundles

The goal here is to land on $150+ without going over too much. selection and pricing varies by state. And as much as I love that there's no sales tax on wine in my home state of Massachusetts, the assortment here continues to be limited.

So let's shop the inventory in Florida, which I believe fulfills orders for a variety of states.
Affiliate links below...

Napa Cab 2-Pack $154.98 [$104.98 after $50 off]
Pinot Noir 4-Pack $154.96 [$104.96 after $50 off]
Spanish Red 8-Pack $155.92 [$105.92 after $50 off] selection is meaningfully better in Florida than Massachusetts at the moment, though the prices are about the same.

Hopefully these suggestions get you started on putting together some nice little packages that land just north of $150 to maximize these promo codes.


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