January 2021 Wine.com Promo Codes [and 3 buy recommendations]

Friday, January 15, 2021

A few new Wine.com promo codes have surfaced (expiration dates unknown to me):
Don't forget to shop through a portal and use this Amex Offer if you haven't already.
And consider StewardShip to allow stacking of promo codes with an annual flat rate for shipping.

What to Buy

Wine.com inventory varies wildly depending on which of their warehouses fulfill in your state.

I'm in Massachusetts where inventory has been quite constrained but is showing mild signs of improvement. Here are three that catch my eye...

Prices before discount, affiliate links below...

I really like Elk Cove in this category from Wine.com, but they've got that at $29.99 which is quite inflated. This Stoller on the other hand is priced quite favorably even without discounts. After a $30-40% discount this is a fantastic deal on legit Oregon Pinot Noir from a great vintage.

Twenty years ago a friend told me to buy Cakebread Cab if I ever found it for $50 or less. I thought that would be an easy task, but it wasn't then and it isn't now. Especially as prices of climbed across the board.

I know it's $94.99 but stay with me...

If we can get 33% off that knocks it down to $62.69.

If I shop through a portal and get 10% cashback (I use ShopSmarter, though RetailMeNot is sometimes as high as 20% and Rakuten spikes up occasionally as well) that takes it down to $56.42.

If I fold in the Amex Offer (or buy Wine.com gift cards from a friend for 80% of face) that brings the price down to $45.13. That's pretty incredible and, well, "that's why we're here" as they say.

Here's an interesting example. Total Wine has this for $60.29 (after 10% off on mixed 6). So Wine.com's price is hardly inflated from the price at a deep discounter like Total.

Take the example discount percentage highlighted in the Cakebread example above and this gets knocked down to $33.27. This is a tremendous bottle of wine for $33.

Next Up

There's some great deals going on over at Wine Access that I promised to write about. I'll get to that soon but for now I'm looking forward trying some of that Moundsman Napa Cab "fresh off the truck." Stay tuned for that...


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