Black Kite, Arnot-Roberts, Hirsch, Bedrock, Gary Farrell and More: Wine Access Does More than "NDA" Wines

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Wine Access has been getting a lot of my attention lately with their NDA wines (for example The Ringer, Moundsman, and the soon-to-arrive Yesterday Reserve) where they provide some hints about the source grapes and sell private label wines at deep discounts. 

They've been mostly outstanding wines offered at good prices. I plan to continue buying them.

But the rest of their portfolio is worth exploring as well.

They have a focused assortment of wines that change somewhat-rapidly as they sell through them. Not as fast or singularly focused as a WTSO, but it's not like they've got thousands of wines for sale.

I thought it would be helpful to share some recommendations, but first let's review some ongoing discounts.

Deals to Stack

If you don't have a Wine Access account:
  • Shop through a portal
  • Get $50 off $150 with first-time order through referral
  • New customers get a $100 credit after spending $1,000 in the first year.
  • Check out this Amex Offer (expires 2/28/2021, try purchasing a gift card to see if that triggers the offer if you're running out of time?)
If you do have a Wine Access account get 20% off with this offer.

Recommended Wines

[affiliate links below]

This one just came in today, kind of on the downlow as they're prone to when they've got a small amount of a given wine. I've mostly enjoyed the more affordable appellation "Kite's Rest" bottling so it's a treat to try one of their single vineyard wines.

Friends whose palates I trust immensely say Bedrock is their reliably-outstanding house wine that every time they open one on a weeknight it delivers. At $24/btl before discounts and free shipping on $120 this might well be the value play of the bunch.

It's worth pointing out that if a discount drops your order below $120 they still honor the free shipping which is quite nice.

It's great to see smaller producers like Arnot-Roberts represented here. I've enjoyed their Syrah's tremendous in the past (especially their Clary Ranch bottling). Here's hoping their 2019 Sonoma Coast Syrah is as good.

2017 Hirsch Vineyards San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

I always think of Hirsch as a reliable splurge. I'd often buy a half-bottle of it by the glass at Blue Ginger here in Wellesley (sadly, RIP). Looking forward to trying this one at home. They also have an Hirsch Estate bottling.

I recently attended a Gary Farrell virtual online tasting, highlighting "neighborhoods" their Pinot Noirs and Charonnays come from. And speaking of Blue Ginger, it reminded me of this wine dinner back in the day.

This is an appellation bottling, but the single vineyard wines we tasted were classic Russian River Valley so I bet this one is solid as well.

County Line is Radio-Coteau's second label.
I've tried this bottling. It's really good.

I remember this fondly as one of my favorite 2005s [the first of several vintages of the century].
Kicking is really old school here with a post from 2008 on the family wine blog.

I remember being a big fan of Coho Headwaters back in the day, to the point when my then 5-year-old did a painting for kindergarten it was of 3 bottles of Coho. Ah, memories...

Bottom Line

I realized as I was typing these little blurbs how many of their wines are from producers that have a special place in my heart.

Their NDA wines are fun, but it's even better when they pop up and surprise me with a producer I've long admired.

Last tip: Once you subscribe to their emails and demonstrate a purchase pattern they sometimes target you with private emails with limited quantities. Things like Sea Smoke and Kosta Browne.


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