Another Chance at an Even Better Wine Access Yesterday Napa Cab?

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Wine Access is back with another Yesterday Napa Cab, this time a Reserve bottling based on the Yesterday Oakville (as opposed to the Howell Mountain) wine they offered last year.

$39/btl (if you buy 6)
$36/btl (if you buy 12)
Free Shipping on $120+


These Yesterday bottlings have been the best of the NDA wines I've bought from Wine Access.

I'm not sure why they decided to market the Oakville and Howell Mountain wines under the Yesterday label, because I believe them to be sourced from completely different producers. That said, they do drink strikingly similar.

My best guess on the source of the original Oakville Napa Cab was Harlan. This Yesterday Reserve is said to be from the same vineyard, just with more time in barrel and in bottle making it richer, smoother, and more elegant. 

Sounds great to me, as the original Yesterday Napa Cab was an amazing wine but a bit rough around the edges when consumed entirely too young.

Discounts Available

If you don't have a Wine Access account:
If you do have a Wine Access account get 20% off with this offer.

Bottom Line

Although it's a pre-arrival it looks to ship quickly. We should have a feel for it late next week.

It's hard to say how long this will last. Other recently-released NDA wines north of $40 are still available. But this is Yesterday so you never know.

I'm in for 6.

Wine Access has some other great wines in stock at the moment. I'll follow-up later this week with some recommendations, but poke around in categories that interest you and see what you find.


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