Recommended: 2017 Hirsch San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Let's get right into it...

12.7% Alcohol [wow, that's low]

30% opaque in an attractive ruby-red hue.

Aromatically, it's all here. Fresh cut strawberries. Briar patch. Classic elegant California Pinot Noir, though it could be mistaken for high end Oregon.

Impeccably clean and attractive.

One of the most dynamic and powerful sub-13% alcohol wines I've found, and that includes plenty of Cru Beaujolais. Very strong.

92/100 WWP: Outstanding

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Bottom Line

Alcohol levels are a dicey thing to navigate in wine. It's not that "more is better" but alcohol levels tend to coincide with rich, satisfying wine. That said, I absolutely appreciate it when a low alcohol wine [like this one] can deliver an amazing, flavorful experience.

A strong showing here from Hirsch. They've also got a Estate bottling for $85 for the already-converted.

Worth checking out if you like elegant, terroir-driven, lower-alcohol California Pinot Noir.


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