A Roundabout Chance at Wine Access Yesterday Oakville Reserve? [$500 for $42]

Saturday, May 1, 2021

  • $42 1-5 bottles
  • $39 7% off 6-11 bottles
  • $36 14% off 12 + bottles
  • 15.2% alcohol
The write up from Wine Access implies this wine is similar to Yesterday Oakville Reserve. The Yesterday line has been, in my experience and opinion, the best of the Wine Access NDA wines. 

That they're labeling this one as Halpin is a bit circuitous. Kind of an NDA wine (Halpin) hinted to be a well-regarded prior NDA wine (Yesterday) that's hinted to be a well-regarded Napa producer (Harlan).

Here's a summary of the 2018 Yesterday wines offered so far... 

2018 Yesterday Oakville
  • Suspected source: Harlan
  • My rating: 93 points
2018 Yesterday Oakville Reserve
  • Suspected source: Also Harlan
  • My rating: 94 points
2018 Yesterday Howell Mountain
  • Suspected source: Dana Estates Hershey Vineyard
  • My rating: 95 points
Deal Discussion

On one hand $42/btl is pushing it for a mystery wine. On the other, a friend messaged me the other day fr my thoughts on a $59 sleeper offering. With the discounts you can potentially stack on Wine Access and free shipping I can still see my way to these Wine Access NDA wines being a good deal.
Bottom Line

I've had a good experience with all of the Yesterday wines I've bought so far.

I'm in for 3 bottles. Wine is in-stock and arrives quickly.


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