Fresh Off the Truck Review: 2018 Moundsman *St. Helena* Napa Cab [as low as $30/btl, compare at $145]

Friday, April 30, 2021

I almost missed this one since Wine Access already offered a 2018 Moundsman. I mistakenly thought it was a re-release.

The difference here vs the prior offer is that the prior wine was a Moundsman Rutherford (suspected to be from the Beckstoffer Georges III Vinyeard) whereas this one is a Moundsman St. Helena Cab.


  • "wines that have been called 'over-delivering' and 'world-class' by Robert Parker" (sounds like Lewelling)
  • "one of the oldest continuously-owned family vineyards in Napa, dating back to the 1860s" (from the Lewelling site "Our family is proud to present this wine that celebrates over 150 years as one of the oldest continuously owned and farmed vineyards in the Napa Valley. Established 1864.")
  • "Smack at the foot of the Mayacamas Mountains" (I remember visiting there and the Lewelling vineyards were right at the base of the mountains)

One thing that doesn't quite make sense is the $145 comparison price point for some wine made from grapes from this vineyard. Lewelling's own wines don't sell for that much so the reference is for some other winery producing grapes from Lewelling fruit.

XTANT made a $175 Lewelling Cab back in 2010. Not sure what it goes for now. But I'd think Wine Access would have picked the highest comparable price point possible. Hmm...

This may be what the offer is referring to: Charles Hendricks Wines made a 2014 Lewelling Cab for $145/btl.

$33/btl on 6+
$30/btl on 12+
14.9% Alcohol
Free Shipping on $120+

Plum and graphite on the nose.
Powerful and the palate with good supporting acidity and a classic "serious" Napa Cab flavor profile.
Soft, chewy tannins here in its youth with a long finish.

91/100 WWP: Outstanding

Deals to Stack

I didn't like this one quite as much as the Moundsman Rutherford. But the Rutherford sold out a while back and this is a solid follow-up offer. It's shipping quickly (mine arrived in a couple days) so you could order a few assorted bottles to try and see what you'd like to buy more of before it sells out.

At $30/btl before discounts this is a solid value.


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