This Week: 15x at through Rakuten Portal

Monday, May 10, 2021

The Rakuten shopping portal is offering 15x back at a number of retailers this week including

If you're new to Rakuten, get $30 back on your first $30 spend through Rakuten through referral.

What I like about them is:
  1. Points can be earned as Amex Membership Rewards so they're potentially worth more than 1 cent a piece towards travel
  2. Transactions have tracked reliably for me, and when they don't it's easy to file a claim and they respond quickly
One Hitch

Their T&Cs say:
Exclusions: Use of promo/coupon codes not found on Rakuten may void Cash Back.
That's unfortunate because the better promo codes (like these) are found elsewhere.

I haven't placed a order through Rakuten in a while, but last I recall they actually did track and pay when using a promo code found elsewhere.

If it doesn't track due to promo code use it's worth submitting a claim. But I just wanted to mention this exclusion as your mileage may vary.

Gift Cards

I have never found a shopping portal that pays out when buying gift cards.

But using a gift card has never been an issue: Portals have reliably tracked when using gift cards.

This is important because I think that's the best way to take advantage of the Amex Offer that seems to constantly be running.

What To Buy inventory varies by state, or more accurately by the warehouse your state is fulfilled from.

I found these two deals below by selecting a varietal then sorting on "Savings." Try the same in your state to see what discounted wines might be available.

Non-affiliate links below since affiliate links would create contention with shopping portals like Rakuten (last one in wins typically).

Regularly $60 they've got this for $35.99 in MA.

I ordered this recently and cracked a bottle last night. It's incredibly light in color (only about 20% opaque) and surprisingly high in alcohol according to the label: 14.9% written in the tiniest font they could find the right side of the label.

It delivers a ton of complexity and interest for the price. I'd recommend checking it out if it's available at this price in your state.

Regularly $60 this Elk Cove single vineyard is just $37.99 in MA.

I wrote recently about a $40 single vineyard from Elk Cove - here's another opportunity. Hard to say where deeper discounts are generally possible (Wine Access or The assortment at can get a little boring - though it does seem to be making a return from recent lows.

I'm a buyer on this one at $37.99 before discounts.

Other Deals to Stack

In addition to promo codes and the shopping portal don't forget:
Put it all together and these are some outstanding wines at incredibly deep discounts.


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