Something Completely Different: Samuel Adams "Just The Haze" Non-Alcoholic IPA

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Samuel Adams "Just The Haze" Non-Alcoholic IPA
Tasting Notes

Not quite as hazy as say a Treehouse Julius visually, it looks more like a Hefeweizen to me.

Appealing pineapple and mango aromas and flavors, with just a hint of artificial banana notes in the background that I could do without.

Easy drinking with just the right amount of carbonation, but lacks the satisfying dry "bite" I appreciate in a full-throttle IPA.

84/100 WWP: Good

Bottom Line

I can see this being enjoyable and useful in a number of situations.

First, with Covid vaccinations coming up I hear it's a good idea to lay off the alcohol before and after your doses. This can help with that.

Second, at a ball game or summer picnic where you have to drive after. It's absolutely not worth driving with even a little alcohol in your system. This works great in that situation. It's more interesting and flavorful than water or seltzer, and it's more appealing to me personally than soda (diet or otherwise).

Third, to reduce overall daily consumption especially for longer social engagements at home. I've got a feeling we'll all be hanging out with friends a lot more this summer and switching to a NA beer or mixing them in between regular drinks could be a good thing.

Give it a whirl if you can find some in your area. I bet you can find some utility in it.

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