10 Wines to Buy Now At Wine Access [Amex Offer Ends Today]

Sunday, February 28, 2021

An Amex Offer for Wine Access is set to expire today (2/28/2021).

There were two variants of the offer going around:
  • $30 off $100
  • Can be used 3x (up to $90 back on $300)
  • -or-
  • $20 off $200
  • Can be used 3x (up to $60 back on $600)
  • Can reach targets through multiple transactions
When combined with other promotions (see "Deals to Stack" below) this presents an opportunity for very deep discounts on very good wines.

One scenario I haven't personally tried is whether a single $300 purchase would trigger $90 back if you have the $30 back on $100 offer. It typically does work for Amex Offers but it would probably be safest to break it up into 3 transactions.

Any way, I thought it would be helpful to point to a few noteworthy wines. It's hard to stay on top of their pre-release Limited Time Offers because they sometimes take a while to ship, and by then they're often sold out.

But as of now these wines are all in stock, at least for shipment to Massachusetts. I think their inventory can vary regionally.

Ten Wines to Buy Now at Wine Access [affiliate links below]

2019 Bedrock Wine Company Old Vine Zinfandel

Morgan Twain-Peterson continues his father Joel Peterson's (Ravenswood) legacy with this reliably outstanding California red. I had the 2018 vintage recently. The 2019 should be just as good. More here...


This is the one wine on the list I haven't tried yet. I've ordered some, it isn't scheduled to arrive for a bit. The metrics are strikingly similar ($85 for $30) to this other California Pinot Noir I wrote about yesterday that apperas to have now sold out.


Brilliant California Pinot Noir Radio-Coteau's second label is an oustanding value. More here...

I've bought a bunch of these and each bottle has been spectacular. 13% alcohol, a masterful interpretation of the Rhone style in Sonoma. Tremendous.


I liked it fresh off the truck (93 points) and a recently opened bottle showed even better. More approachable now than their Yesterday NDA bottlings, this could be the best value on the page.


I'm a big fan of Black Kite's Pinot Noirs, and this is a great opportunity to try one of their single vineyard bottlings. I bought and cracked open a bottle recently and it's solidly outstanding: 92/100 for me.


Surprised to see this still in stock. A little pricey for an NDA wine at $45 but I think it carries it (93 points). Compared at $500+ they say.


Unbelievably satisfying for a 12.7% alcohol wine. More here...


The biggest discovery for me on the page, and the one I'd like to enjoy again - price not a consideration. More here...


If you're not up for trusting their NDA wines, here's a "no smoke and mirrors" offering. Just as good as the better NDA offerings, but also a little more expensive. More here...

Can't Decide? Lock in the Amex Offer Savings with a Gift Card

Wine Access sells e-gift cards. I tested, and the purchase triggered the offer. 

Especially if you have the $30 off $100 deal it could be worth buying GCs for future savings that can be stacked with other promotions.

Deals to Stack

If you don't have a Wine Access account:
If you do have a Wine Access account get 20% off with this offer.
If you've already used those, try this link for 15% off your next 3 orders.
And if you've used that 15% try this one.

Bottom Line

The good news about this Wine Access Amex Offer ending is that a new one might be just around the corner. Subscribe to the WWP to get email notifications of new posts.


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