$25 off $75: Three Benchmark Selections from Wine.com

Sunday, December 6, 2020

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Who says a nice bottle of sparkling wine has to be expensive? I first tasted this at The Capital Grille back in the day and it's been a reliable friend since, especially around the holidays. Open this up for brunch or early in the evening and it's sure to lift spirits.

I've been enjoying Port lately, probably feeling nostalgic for international premium cabin flights when meal service often wraps up with a cheese plate and some Port. They say if you want to explore the category to start with Ruby Port, which tends to be slightly more affordable. But I think I need to get to 10 Year Tawny before I get to where I expect Port to be. This one sets the standard for me, at a price point that's not too terrible.

If there's one category I have experience exploring it's California Pinot Noir. I like it because it's lighter in body than Cabernet but the good ones have every bit as much intensity of flavor. And simply put: I prefer the flavor profile of a good California Pinot over a Napa Cab. If I had to pick one widely avaiable wine that embodies what I think the category has to offer it would be this one.

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