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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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HT: DanS on the Milenomics Slack #wine channel


I'm increasingly having a hard time finding my go-to wines from in stock here in MA. And some that are available are more expensive than ever.

I've heard from a few people that they've experienced shipping issues with this year.

Both of these phenomenon seem to vary from state to state. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly shipped to a FL address for Thanksgiving - practically next day. And the assortment was better than in MA as well.

With deals like these, all you need to find are one or two bottles that are priced at or near nationwide lows and you've got a good deal. It's just a matter of how much patience you have for sifting through the rubble.

Broader Commentary

You may have noticed an uptick in posts this year. That may well correlate with the global pandemic and time at home but we're on track for this to be one of the most active years on the WWP in quite some time.

It's been great to hear from new readers and long-time friends alike. If you'd ever like to reach me via email with a tip, comment, or just to say hello you can reach me here:


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