2018 Ridge Geyserville on Wine Access

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

2018 Ridge Geyserville
Direct Link
$36/btl on 6+

I've ordered this exact wine [from Wine Access directly] and it's absolutely gorgeous. As the saying goes "nobody ever got fired for ordering Ridge" - but with Covid this translates to the home experience. It's a great wine to share with close family for the holidays.

Free Shipping on $120+
$50 off $150 on first order with referral
Stack with Amex Offer and shop through a portal on your first order.

Net it out and, if this is on a new account with Wine Access, this results in Ridge Geyserville delivered to your doorstep through referral for $27.50/btl. That's a great deal, and that's before portal cashback and the Amex Offer.


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