Targeted March 2022 Amex Offers: How to Maximize

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Amex is back with what's got to be the most reliably recurred deal in wine at this point. I'm seeing two variants of the offer:

  • $30 off $100 (thankfully can be used 2x)
  • $10 off $50
I'm seeing the $30 off $100 offer on business cards (I saw it on Business Platinum cards) and $10 off $50 on personal cards (I saw it on Personal Platinum cards).

This iteration of the offer expires 6/30/2022.
1. Add the Amex Offers to your card(s)

Amex Offers are limited to one per SSN.

If you have authorized users and they have their own Amex profile and are targeted they too can add and redeem offers.

2. Buy gift cards

Direct Link [affiliate]

The T&Cs don't exclude gift card purchases, and historically they have triggered Amex Offers. The reason I like buying gift cards rather than wine head-on is because it minimizes overshoot, and locks in the value of the Amex Offer.'s gift cards are delivered via email shortly after ordering, and redundant plastic versions of the same codes are subsequently delivered in the mail.'s interface for the redemption of gift cards has changed a bit over the years. Once loaded to a account they stay associated with that account as a payment method. Their system allows use of 2 gift cards per transaction.

3. Get StewardShip

StewardShip covers shipping for $49/yr. If you shop with frequntly it's a good deal, but the key thing it enables is applying a promo code to an order while not having to pay for shipping.

You can only apply one promo code to an order, so without StewardShip you have to decide whether you want to use a promo code that discounts shipping -or- discounts the price.

4. Shop through a portal

I like to compare portal rates through Cashback Monitor.

Another site to consider is RetailMeNot (which isn't listed in Cashback Monitor) where rates tend to fluctuate between 10-20%.

Another is ShopSmarter where all merchants get 10% back everyday, but there's a $9.97 monthly fee. Paying for a membership for a shopping portal sounds crazy, but can make sense for people who do a lot of online shopping.

5. Use a promo code

Keep eye on this thread on WineBerserkers for new codes. There are a bunch of $20 off $50 and $50 off $150 codes that work well with this promo.

It's useful to have multiple variants of the same discount because a given promo code can only be used once per account.

Bottom Line

Despite's somewhat inflated prices this recurring deal along with other stackable savings enables this to be one of the best ways to get deep discounts on wine.

The challenge is finding wines you're excited about that aren't marked up too much vs the best available price elsewhere. Inventory seems to have improved over pandemic depths so hopefully you can find some good ones in your market.


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