[Sold Out] Amazing Deal on a Legendary California Pinot Noir Producer

Saturday, March 5, 2022

NY retailer Zachys has what looks to be a great deal on the 2013 Joseph Swan Greak Oak Vineyard Pinot Noir.

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  • Regular price is $49.99/btl
  • If you buy 12+ bottles the price should reduce to $19.99/btl
  • Get 20% off with code WeekendSave20
  • Shop through a portal for up to 5% back
Unfortunately, there's not an active Amex Offer for Zachys at the moment, and I'm not aware of any free shipping promo codes at the moment. If you're in the Westchester County area or pass through you could save with in-store pickup.

Even with shipping costs on the order of $55 for a case, this is a fabulous deal. I swear Zachys used to charge even more than that for shipping - maybe they made shipping costs a little more realistic lately?

I was saying to a friend the other day that any time I can get a really good bottle of Pinot Noir for around $20 I'm all over it. I've enjoyed Joseph Swan's more affordable "Cuvee de Trois" bottling in the past but the one offered here is a single

It's a little nerve-wracking cracking open the first bottle of a case like this - especially with a little age on it. But I've got enough faith in the producer here to recommend it.

Deal ends March 7, 2022 but I bet they sell out sooner than that.


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