[DEAD] Targeted and Stackable: 8,400 AA Miles for Spending $100 at Wine.com

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Update: AA Simply Miles has pulled the 5x portion of this deal, making it far less compelling. We'll see if they pay out on the 5x for orders submitted while this was live.

The American Airlines SimplyMiles card-linked program is offering two overlapping promotions at the moment.

The first is targeted, and you earn 1,400 AA miles for spending $100 at Wine.com. This ends 12/31/2021.
The second is available to everyone in the program: They're offering 5x (five times) the rewards that each promotion would earn. So a $100 wine.com purchase would earn 1,400 + (5 * 1,400) = 8,400 AA miles. This ends 12/27/2021.

I was skeptical when I first heard of this "5x" promotion thinking it would be 1,400 + just 500 for spending $100. But evidently they've run this promo in the past and this is indeed how it works. In fact, some people are using this as a way to buy AA miles for around 0.4 cents a piece by donating to a charity that's featured in the program.

Keeping it wine-focused here, this is a tremendous offer that should stack with other opportunities.

Here's how I'll play it...
Gift card purchases should work. I don't see them excluded and I can confirm they worked for the $30 back on $100 Citi offer. I'd do this to lock in the savings while avoiding overshoot when ordering.

It's unclear from the SimplyMiles T&Cs, but I'm hearing wine.com is single use. Other merchants explicity state how many times the offer can be triggered.

If you're not targeted, or you just want to maximize the opportunity, be sure to create SimplyMiles accounts for each member of your household. That way you can get the 8,400 per $100 multiple times.

Quite an opportunity when you stack it all together.


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