[Targeted] Citi Offer: $30 back on $100 at Wine.com

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Here's a new one...

Check your Citi credit cards for $30 back on a $100+ purchase at Wine.com.

Citi Offers Q&A

Q: Which Citi products are eligible to receive these offers?
A: They are found on Citi credit cards.

Q: Where do I find these offers?
A: The best way I've found is on the Citi Mobile app. Log in then at the bottom of the app tap "Services "then "Products & Offers". If the app is behaving (it doesn't always behave) you should see "Merchant Offers" beneath Explore Products.

Tap "See All" then "Shopping" to see which offers you're targeted for:

Citi's IT is notoriously janky. They should be discoverable when you log in to citi.com on desktop Rewards & Offers -> Offers for You. But for me that route always says "Error: We are having trouble loading your offers. Please try again later."

Q: Do I have to activate each offer prior to making a purchase?
A: Yes. For each offer you have to tap it and "Add Offer" prior to making a purchase.

Q: Do I need to wait some time after activating the offer before making a purchase?
A: Good question, since when you accept a credit card retention offer you have to wait a business day for the offer to attach. In my experience with these offers though you should be able to make a purchase straight away after activating the offer. I don't think it would work to activate the offer after making the purchase, but you never know with Citi - it could work.

Q: How long does it take the credit to post?
A: In my experience 4-7 days. You should see a line item statement credit saying "Merchant Offers Credit NY" of -$30 after spending $100 for this offer. The timing of the statement credits is not related to statement close in my experience.

Q: Which cards are targeted?
A: I can't discern a pattern. I've seen this particular offer on Citi DoubleCash, Citi Dividend, and Citi Prestige cards. Some credit cards I have aren't targeted with any offers at all. Others are targeted for some offers, but not this Wine.com offer.

Q: Can I use the offer more than once?
A: You can use this offer once per targeted Citi credit card.

Q: Do Wine.com gift card purchases trigger the offer?
A: Yes. Gift card purchases are not mentioned as an exclusion and I can confirm they trigger the offer.

Q: Why buy gift cards?
A: To avoid overshoot and lock in the savings for future purchases.

Q: Do Wine.com gift card purchases track through shopping portals?
A: In my experience, no. I've never found a shopping portal that tracks Wine.com GC purchases.

Q: Is there anything else I can stack with this offer?
A: Yes, wine.come promo codes, Steward Ship, and AA Simply Miles (more on that in a separate post to come).

Q: Where can I find the latest/greatest Wine.com promo codes?
A: This thread on Wine Berserkers.

Q: Are there any other good Citi offers to look for?
A: $100 back on $60 at AT&T Wireless is great. 1.5% at giftcards.com can also be useful.

Bottom Line

Citi sure doesn't make it easy to find these offers but it's nice to have another option for Wine.com discounts in addition to the revolving Amex Offers they've run for years now.


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