Bitmo: $20 in Perk Points for buying a $100 Total Wine eGiftCard

Saturday, November 20, 2021

This one is a bit complicated, but we've probably been through worse for a 20% wine discount.

Through discount app Bitmo get $20 back in points for buying a $100 Total Wine eGC.
  1. Sign up for Bitmo on your phone and opt into BitmoPerks (here's a referral if you're new to Bitmo)
  2. Once signed up, look for a Total Wine promo banner touting $20 back on $100
  3. If you see that, search for "Total Wine" then tap on the promotion
  4. You should see that you'll be credit with 20,000 "Perk Points" which can be used towards future eGC purchases for other merchants
  5. Perk Points are worth roughly $0.001 each
  6. The Total wine eGC can only be used in-store, not online
I'm no expert on Bitmo, and GCs can be a pain to use. But if you're a regular Total Wine shopper and get the hang of Bitmo it's a pretty solid discount.


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