Retail Deal on Burgundy Frequently Poured in International Premium Cabins

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

First Bottle is offering Albert Bichot Morey-Saint-Denis Les Sorbets Premier Cru 2014 for $54.95/btl. Compared to a retail price of $90/btl this could be a deal work considering.

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I'm not much of Burgundy expert. In fact, I cracked a bottle open last night and swore off the category once again. Too often I pay too much for a bottle that's just not aligned with what I'm looking for. So many have such a dour personality I suspect that they suffer from TCA taint.

But I thought I recognized this label and thanks to the magic of Google Photos I found it was poured, much to my delight, on JAL in First Class.

I enjoyed a few glasses of this over more expensive options because, like Wine Enthusiast describes it in their 93 point review, it is "rich, ripe and fruity."

Wine in motion due to turbulence

This kind of reminds me of the Ritz-Carlton Champagne deal. It's nice to relive a fond travel memory through a bottle of wine especially while international travel is still challenging.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, I don't see an Amex Offer to stack on top of this at the moment. Frequent Miler tracks current and expired Amex Offers and it looks like Last Bottle has run two offers this year and the last one expired 9/30/2021.

I'll probably go for two or three bottles of this one because I do like to have good Burgundy on hand and it's hard to find at this price point.

By the way, thanks to those who reached out to see if I was well since I hadn't posted in a while. Truth is I wasn't buying much wine over the summer and many of the wines I was drinking while depleting my stash were rather boring and purchased some time ago.

Another interest that's had my attention from a content creation perspective is points & miles. Over on Milenomics we've got a podcast and thriving Slack community that's been very rewarding for me and other members. Here's a recent podcast episode if you're interested in checking it out:


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