Mark it Up to Mark it Down: StewardShip for $49/yr + $50 off $200 w/SHIPCHEER

Saturday, November 20, 2021 has increased the price of StewardShip from $49/yr to $59/yr.

But with promo code SHIPCHEER they're bumping the price back down to $49 plus $50 off $200 worth of wine.

StewardShip is's version of Amazon Prime. It provides free shipping of one or more bottles to multiple addresses for a year for a flat rate. Perhaps most importantly it allows you to stack a promo code on orders without having to pay for shipping which makes for some very low fully loaded pricing.

If you're already a StewardShip member it seems that SHIPCHEER works for $50 off $200 as well, without having to re-up for Steward Ship.

Offer expires 11/23/2021


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