New Promo Codes: 5 Sparkling Rosé Suggestions

Friday, December 25, 2020

I like to serve sparkling wine around the holidays, and sparkling rosé in particular. I think it's festive, pretty, and a little fruitier than regular sparkling white wine while still maintaining a dry clean finish.

It can also be surprisingly affordable.

A couple new codes have surfaced that can really knock the price down on the terrific options below.

Promo Codes
  • $20 off $50 20HOLIDAY (source)
  • $50 off $200 UNCORK50 (emailed to me)
Recommended Sparkling Roses

This wine has such a favorable reputation among people in the know. Consistently when I speak with restaraunteurs and professionals in the business they'll say this is the benchmark in the category.

Such a beautiful wine inside and out. We had a bottle of this last night and it hit the spot. Highly recommended.

Switching things up a little bit price-wise and geographically, this comes from New Mexico. It's "peachy" in color (while others trend in more of a pink direction). Clean and delicious.

When you find yourself in Cortona, Italy and consult the Gambero Rosso you'll likely wind up dining at Ristorante Preludio. They may very well start you off with a complimentary glass of Jeio Rosé Prosecco. Tasting this takes me back there every time.

This Cava is probably the fruitiest option on the list and an amazing value. Maybe start off with one of the pricier options and follow up with this one? Also good with brunch given the fruit.

  • Prices are as observed currently priced in MA and vary by state
  • Wines ending in .97 don't work w/promo codes (Veuve Cliquot for example)
  • Affiliate links above has been shipping in-stock wines surprsingly quickly to me in Massachusetts. Perhaps time to get these for New Year's Eve enjoyment.


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