Podcast: Everything I've Learned About Wine in 40 Minutes

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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I've been blogging about wine here at The Wellesley Wine Press since 2008. In that time, I've taken Wine & Spirit Education Trust courses, visited fascinating wine regions, joined forces with local wine enthusiasts on case club deals, and even had a TV crew in our kitchen to discuss wine shipping laws.

One thing I've always gravitated towards is the deal aspect of wine.

It's fascinating to me how the wine supply chain works, and how we can best navigate it as consumers. That's why so many of my posts have been about deals.

An interest that's been building in my mind since 2012 is the pursuit of points & miles to enable travel that would otherwise be difficult to justify with cash. In 2018 I partnered with an existing blog I'd long admired called Milenomics. In 2019 we started a podcast that helps people earn miles without actually flying, and redeem them effectively for exactly the trips they want to take.

We occasionally take diversions from points & miles into deals, and this is where the wine angle comes in. We discuss some foundational issues in wine enjoyment, wine travel, and the current state of wine deals.

I'd love it if you headed over for a listen. If you're interested in travel, poke around and see if adding points & miles to your endeavors could be a good fit:

Direct Link to podcast.


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