How to Maximize $25 off $75 at Amazon on Wine Gifts

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Alright deal hounds - we've got quite a bonanza on our hands with this one. AmEx is offering $25 off $75 at Amazon and if you maximize it you can get this benefit for each AmEx card you have - even ones where the card is for an authorized user. And you don't need to buy items that are $75+ -or- even right now. Here's how, and here are some wine gifts I like on Amazon.

For a guy like me who's got a bunch of AmEx credit cards this is a particularly great deal.

Register for the AmEx $25 off $75 Deal

The first part of this deal is something you should get on right away if you have AmEx cards. I say right away because AmEx caps the number of people that can take advantage of deals and this one is sure to go quickly because it's such a good deal (effectively 33% off) and everyone can find good deals on useful things on Amazon.

There are multiple ways to make a specific AmEx card eligible for this promotion but the best way is to go here:

Update (12/3/2013): Registration via this link is now closed. Follow the instructions here to register via Twitter.

You can do this for each AmEx under your control. Once you register each card for the promotion, you should get a confirmation email from AmEx. To confirm whether a specific card is enrolled, log into your AmEx account and Offers for You then My Offers. You should see this:

Buy Amazon Gift Cards (optional)

This step is optional (and doesn't need to be done right away - you have until 12/31/2013) but I like it because it enables you to spread your Amazon purchases out over time and you don't have to necessarily buy things that are $75+. Go to, click on Gift Cards then choose the Email option. Send it to yourself (or as a gift if you'd like):

Here is a direct link to the Amazon page for Email gift cards

Once you receive the gift card via email (it should take just a few minutes) click "Redeem Now" and apply the gift card to your Amazon account. The great thing about Amazon gift cards is that they never expire and your purchases over time gradually drawn down the gift card balance. It couldn't be easier.

I think there's a small risk that AmEx won't credit your account for gift card purchases but we should know about that within a few days (which is how long AmEx statement credits for these things tend to take). If this happens, worst case, you'd be "stuck" with $75 of Amazon credit per AmEx card you have. If you still wanted to take advantage of the deal for a non-gift card purchase you could buy something for $75+ that's not a gift card. I doubt this will happen though.

Shout out to for the tips on this.

Buy Stuff on Amazon

At some point you'll want to buy stuff on Amazon and especially with Prime this time of year is a great time to buy gifts. Here are 10 WWP recommended wine gifts on

1. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Claret Burgundy Wine Glasses

I wrote about why these are the glasses are the ones to get in this post.

2. Pulltap Double-Hinged Waiter's Corkscrew

You can't beat a basic waiter's corkscrew. When buying one, make sure it's double-hinged and that it's a Pulltap brand. If Amazon doesn't ship you one that says Pulltap on it, return it immediately. There are a surprising number of counterfeits in this space.

3. Soiree Wine Aerator

The Soiree came out on top of 2 separate head to head blind tastings I've done of popular wine aerators. They're simple to use and they work really well.

4. Wine Glass Drying Towels

I did a comparison test of a bunch of popular wine glass towels a while back. Ones from Wubeez and Riedel fared well in that test but I've also had great success with flour sack towels. We were on a cruise a couple years ago and I saw they were using flour sack towels to dry/polish their stemware. Around that same time a scientific lab supply company sent me a sample of flour sack towels. They work really well, they're durable, and they're very inexpensive. The Riedel towel is very elegant though and works well so I'll include a link to that as well. And I still like the Wubeez - lots of good picks here.

5. Menu Wine Breather

I like this device because it provides a way to "instantly" aerate an entire bottle of wine and can also serve as a traditional decanter. Full review...

6. Le Creuset Foil Cutter

As I learned after posting about foil cutters, you'll want to cut the foil below the collar. However, I still do use my foil cutter quite a bit. I like the clean cut it makes. Full review...

7. Go Vino Shatterproof Stemless "Glasses"

I don't recall writing about these specifically but I'm a fan of Go Vino glasses. Especially in the summer when you're enjoying a glass of wine outside. They're also useful for kids when you want to make them feel like they're getting a special fancy non-alcohol drink at the holidays. Our boys (6 and 8 now) set up a blind tasting of non-alcoholic sparkling ciders this past weekend - I was a proud papa. :)

8. Decanter Drier

This is a clever little product I've found useful over the years. It's these sleeves filled with highly absorbent little "stones". You dangle the sleeves down into a decanter after you've done the best job you can getting the moisture out. I prefer this to a drying rack because it takes up less space and does a better job removing water spots.

9. Nuance Wine Finer

This is a nifty little product. It's simple to use, durable, and multi-purposed. You insert this into a wine bottle and it serves as a pourer (it tends not to drip the way wine poured directly from a bottle does). It also "decants" wine by passing it through small filters thus removing chunkier particles that might be in wine. It provides some degree of aeration, and if you don't finish the bottle you can put a cap on the device which seals the bottle for the next day. The aerating and preservation capabilities aren't its strong suit, but at minimum it's a handy pourer and does provide some degree of filtration of unwanted particles. I like it. Wine pours quickly through it.

10. Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

I wrote about the Ravi a few years ago now and it's still serving me well. Full review...

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