Is this the next Clio/Alto Moncayo?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Massachusetts wine retailer Table & Vine delivered an informative offer today for Triga - a new collaboration between Jorge Ordonez, Chris Ringland, and Bodegas Volver.

You'll recognize Ordonez as the force behind El Nido Clio and Alto Moncayo which sell for similar price points as Triga (typical street price is around $40 but you can find it for a bit less). Ordonez is no longer involved with El Nido and like his Wrongo Dongo bottling the fruit source has shifted from Gil Family Estates in Jumilla to Bodegas Volver in Alicante.

Australian Chris Ringland is still winemaker at El Nido and Alto Moncayo, and now Triga. I'd expect this offering to continue Ringland's new world take on old world (and old vine) Spanish wine.

Triga is more like Clio than Alto Moncayo in its grape composition. Whereas Clio is 70% Monastrell/30% Cabernet Sauvignon, Triga is 85% Monastrell/15% Cabernet. Alto Moncayo is 100% Garnacha.

The similarities between Triga and Clio are apparent and I'm looking very forward to trying Triga.

Question of the Day: Have you tried Triga yet? What did you think?


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