Sneak Preview: Del Frisco's Grille Chestnut Hill

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Del Frisco's Grille is set to open Saturday November 30th, 2013 at The Street in Chestnut Hill, MA. Situated toward the east end of the ambitiously revitalized shopping and dining center, Del Frisco's Grille is part of the Del Frisco's Restaurant Group that includes Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse and Sullivan's Steakhouse.

Del Frisco's Grille is a different concept than Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse in Boston.

From their website:
DEL FRISCO'S GRILLE IS MODERN, INVITING, STYLISH AND FUN. Taking the classic bar and grill to new heights, Del Frisco’s Grille draws inspiration from bold flavors and market-fresh ingredients. Our menu is a tempting mix of prime steaks, fresh seafood and twists on American comfort cuisine. The energetic bar, a destination in itself, creates a buzz throughout the restaurant and sets the stage and tone for an amazing dining experience. We proudly take our roots in the tradition of Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, providing guests with a familiar, yet exciting atmosphere, fresh, approachable fare and genuine hospitality.
We visited Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse in Boston last year and we were impressed. I was thrilled when I heard another Del Frisco's was opening closer to home and I was intrigued to learn more about what differentiates the two concepts.

The Chestnut Hill location will be the 11th Grille in the country. There are currently 10 Double Eagle Steakhouses. But the steakhouses have been around longer and, at least in the Boston market, the steakhouses compete at the highest end of the category. A 22 oz Ribeye at the Double Eagle Steakhouse is an eye-popping $53, and they've got even more expensive steak options north of that. 

So Double Eagle has set the high water mark for elite steakhouses in Boston on a number of levels and I was eager to learn more about what Del Frisco's Grille offers. I had a chance to find out at an informal pre-opening lunch this past week. For the location's relative proximity to downtown Boston, I think the concept will fit very nicely.

Location and Design

Although Chestnut Hill is obviously completely different from the Seaport District, the siting is somehow familiar. You enter on the first floor and take an elevator or stairs and the restaurants are both on the second floor.
Not yet signed when I visited, Del Frisco's Grille wil occupy the 2nd
floor of this portion of The Street Chestnut Hill

View into the kitchen with their motto:
"Do Right and Feed Every Man"

View from the second floor dining room onto Hammond Pond


Each Del Frisco's Grille features staples and dishes tailored to the local market.

We started off with one of their signature appetizers: Ahi Tacos. Tuna Tartare, Avocado, and Spicy Mayo. They were fresh and delicious, and just the right size. The flavors were bursting and thankfully the taco shells didn't. Great stuff.
Ahi Tacos - $14
Brussels Sprouts have made a comeback and I can see why with this dish. The core flavor of the vegetable comes through well and is deliciously lifted by (what else?) bacon. 
Shaved Brussels Sprout Flatbread - $13
And you've got to try the burger to assess the place, right? It's very nicely done and at $14 with fries and table service it's just $4 more than a similar offering from the nearby counter-service Shake Shack.
Grille Prime Cheeseburger - $14
I mentioned the inclusion of local dishes. We had a taste of the Lobster Roll - and it was terrific. Not so much mayo as to obscure the main attraction but it was nicely cooked and presented and quite a treat. Also available but not pictured: Fish & Chips (Haddock) with Harpoon IPA beer batter - $16.50. Seafood procured from the Foley Fish Boston so you're getting it fresh here.
Native Lobster Roll - $19.50
The Ribeye was a tremendous treat, especially at lunch. Served with a lagniappe (which means a little something extra) of potato cake. Their steaks come from Stockyards in Chicago.
16 oz Prime Ribeye - $39


The restaurant will feature 300+ unique wines by the bottle and 24 wines by the glass. The assortment is more diverse than at the Double Eagle Steakhouse.
One of several temperature controlled storage/display
cases for wine at Del Frisco's Grille Chestnut Hill
Overall, the emphasis on wine was a bit less than it was at the Double Eagle Steakhouse, which is to be expected for a more approachable suburban venue. This restaurant has more of an eye for value than at the Steakhouse.
WWP-approved selections like Banshee, Coho,
Heitz, ZD and Robert Foley - I like it!
A quick glance at one of their temperature controlled storage units reveals some of my favorites (Coho, Banshee, Heitz, Robert Foley), and a review of the by-the-glass/carafe/bottle looks well-chosen and quite a bit more affordable than at the Double Eagle Steakhouse. For example, the bellweather Meiomi sells for $46/btl at the Grille vs. $72/btl at the Steakhouse.

Wines by the glass/carafe/bottle at Del Frisco's Grille Chestnut Hill


Del Frisco's Grille at The Street Chestnut Hill is yet another welcomed addition to an area that's attracted a slew of attractive dining options. The menu and ambiance are well-matched to the locale and I think this restaurant is going to be very successful.

The menu offerings tone down the celebratory air of the Double Eagle Steakhouse nicely making the Grille a great option for a night out for a couple -or- a comfortable lunch out with children working on their best manners. ;)

With salads and sandwiches in the $15 range, entrees in the $15-$28 range, and steaks from $29-$43, Del Frisco's Grille is worth checking out. They're open for lunch and dinner weekdays and for brunch on the weekends.

They're set to open at Chestnut Hill Saturday November 30th, 2013.

Check 'em out:
Del Frisco's Grille
33 Boylston St. Suite 3370
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
(617) 608-3682

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